NICOLUZZI RACOES was founded in 1996 by the idealism of Mr. Rubens Nicoluzzi with the initial objective to meet the aquaculture segment. Having succeeded in this goal, it began to act in a broader market and specialized in animal feed.

NICOLUZZI RACOES formulates, develops and manufactures high-efficiency feed and supplies raw material for other feed industries in Brazil and abroad. It is a solid company, recognized for high quality and safety of its products, in addition to international recognition by the application of environmental sustainability technology.

NICOLUZZI RACOES is strategically located in Penha, Santa Catarina with the competitive advantage of easy availability of raw materials and proximity to the country's main southern ports. Its team consists of specialized employees with differentiated know how working on an industrial park with high-tech machinery, including an in-house laboratory equiped to meet not only our demands, but also the demands of our partners.

NICOLUZZI RACOES - professionals, technology and equipment to meet the market with the highest standard of products and services





To be recognized by domestic and international markets as high quality and safety referential for raw materials and animal feed products.


Promote business success through the production of raw materials, animal feed and pet food of the highest quality and safety, exceeding customer expectations through an ethical, committed, profitable and socially responsible management.


Practice the constant evolution of quality management and product safety within international standards, to generate and overcome the results expected by customers.


  • Always act within ethical and moral standards to customers, employees, competitors and the market in general.
  • Serve with customer focus and profitability.
  • Serve with austerity in the use of resources and preserving the heritage of the company and the environment.
  • Serve with agility.
  • Serve with reliability and security.